Electrical Line Card
ABB Drives 
AC Variable Speed PWM & DTC Drives, DC Converter & Drive Modules, Line Regenerative Drives, IEC Electric Motors & NEMA Electric
ABB Controls 
Circuit Breakers, Disconnect Switches, Motor Starters, Power Contactors, Control & Timing Relays, Safety & Monitoring Relays, Electronic Soft Starters, Electronic Braking Units, Operator Pilot Devices, Capacitors & Capacitor Banks, Terminal Blocks & Power Supplies
Counters, Timers, Pulse Meters, PID Temp Controllers, Digital Panel Meters, AC Proximity Sensors, Rotary Encoders, Steppers Motors and Controllers, 5-Phase Micro Stepping Drivers, Graphic Panels, Pressure Sensors, Digital I/O, Serial Converter Module, Thermocouples & RTD

AC & DC Electric & Gear Motors, AC & DC Variable Speed Drives, Speed Reducers & Brake Motors & Kits

 2-hand Anti-Tie Down Systems
Canfiled Connector

Din Connectors, Magnetic Reed Switches, Sensor Cables, Timers, Solenoid Valves & Hall Effect Switchese Down Systems

Programmable Logic Controllers, HMIs, I/O Devices, PLC on a Chip,  Embedded SolutionsPLC on a Chip, PLC on a Chip Module, EZ Ladder Toolkit


Edison Fuses  UL Branch Circuit Fuses
UL Supplemental Fuses
Special Purpose Fuses
High Speed Fuses
IEC & Canadian Industrial Fuse
Medium Voltage Fuses
Fuse Blocks, Holders and Accessories

Non-fusible Disconnects & Enclosed Disconnects

 Hammond Power Solutions

Transformers, Line Reactors & Filters
Hammond Mfg. 
Hammond Electrical Enclosure Group
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Foot Switches - Electric & Air
Industrial Connector Products, Panel Interface Connectors &
Multi Pole Connectors


Signal Towers, Cube Towers, Rotating Warning Lights &
Audible Alarm Products



Din-Rail Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters, Redundancy Power Supplies, Single Phase Power Supplies, 3-Phase Power Supplies, Metal Housing Power Supplies, Network Power Supplies, De-Coupling Modules


Electrical Control Switches & Cable Operated Heavy Duty Switches


Wire management products, Cord grip connectors, Bus drops



Temperature Controllers
SICK Optics

Bar Code Reader, Capacitive Sensors, Measurement Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Safety Light Curtains, Machine Vision, Area scanners & Vision Parts Inspection

Pressure and Level Measurement