Pneumatic Logic Systems
Pneumatic logic controls has been replaced today by the lessor cost PLC's available today.  That said, there is still a place for a control system which is designed for a specific application that does not change, a hazardous location or a system capable of running hundreds of millions of trouble free cycles.  Pneumatic logic controls are designed just for that purpose.

Many applications today are small, compared to when PLC's were not available or too costly.  Systems in explosive areas do not need special enclosures like electrical controls need, they are mounted in the open or in standard enclosures.

Tec-Hackett, Inc has been designing pneumatic logic controls since the mid 1970's.  Very complex, repetitive machines have been controlled using pneumatic controls, many still in operation today.

If you have an application that only requires a minimal amount of control, consider pneumatic controls.  The need to install in an enclosure is your choice, compared to electrical codes required today for your PLC.

Contact Us, we will work with you and your application to give you the trouble free system your plant needs.