Linemaster Foot Switches

LINEMASTER designs and manufactures one of the most extensive product lines, with over 200 models used worldwide in medical, industrial and commercial applications - with turnkey custom variations a specialty.
Many of LINEMASTER's switches are UL, CSA, TUV certified and CE Marked. LINEMASTER's Research & Development is currently developing a cordless foot switch that utilizes infared technology. This cutting-edge technology will offer new flexibility in design and use for our demanding audience worldwide.

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Hercules Anti-Trip
The Hercules Anti-Trip models offer a robust housing for industrial applications. These models feature an anti-trip mechanism that must be released before the operator is able to depress the foot pedal. Over-sized, extra over-sized and gated shields are available as standard variations.

The Hercules models are available in a multiple of variations, from single stage to three stage, momentary and maintained, with or without full shield and different circuitry (SPDT, DPDT & TPDT). The Hercules has a rugged casting fitting for industrial applications.

Explosion-Proof 500 Industrial
The Industrial Explosion-Proof foot switches (500 series) are available in single and two pedal variations, all with a full shield over the foot pedals. These models offer an explosion-proof housing for those applications in hazardous locations.

Explosion-Proof 600 Industrial
The Industrial Explosion-proof foot switches (600 series) are available in single and two pedal variations, all with a full shield over the foot pedals. These models offer an explosion-proof housing that is also dusttight, oiltight and watertight for those applications in hazardous locations.

The Varior is a medium duty foot operated potentiometer that offers a rugged formed steel housing. The Varior uses a 2 watt potentiometer (maximum resistance to be specified by the customer) and is available with an auxiliary snap switch. The Varior can be ordered in either momentary or maintained action as a standard feature.

The rugged, long-life Clipper models have proved themselves in the field over many years of usage. Offers Push-On Push-Off action that insures long trouble-free performance accompanied with a full nonskid base pad.

The Atlas is a rugged cast aluminum foot switch that utilizes positive break interior switches. The Atlas is available in unguarded variations as well as with full shield, over-sized shield and extra over-sized shield.

The Duplex model has a cast aluminum housing and offers a rocker type actuation with a neutral “at rest” center position. The operator can rest his foot on the top of the foot switch cover and actuate one function with a toe-down motion and a second function with a heel-down motion.

Hercules Potentiometer
This switch is designed for use with variable-speed motor drives and is available in selected 2-watt linear values. Specify the maximum resistance you want. Depressing the treadle rotates the potentiometer from zero to the maximum resistance. The treadle is spring loaded and returns to the normal position when the foot pressure is removed. A SPDT auxiliary switch contact rated at 15 Amps 125-250 VAC can be added to the control. On special order up to 3 SPDT switches can be added and adjusted for operation at any point of the treadle stroke.

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