Shinko North America

Shinko North America

1/32 DIN Controllers

    1/32 DIN Size Controller FCL Series
    1/32 DIN Size Ramp/Soak Controller JCL Series
1/16 DIN Controllers
    Digital Indicating Controller ACS-13A Series
    1/16 DIN Size Digital Indicating Controller
    JCS Series   
1/8 DIN Controllers
    1/8 DIN Size Digital Indicating Controller
    JCR Series
    1/8 DIN Size Temperature/Process Controller
    ACR Series
1/4 DIN Controllers
    1/4 DIN Size Digital Indicating Controller
    JCD Series
    1/4 DIN Size Temperature/Process Controller
    ACD Series
DIN Rail Mounting Controllers
    DIN Rail Mounting Type Digital Indicating
    Temperature Control Unit Shinko NCL - 13A
Limit Controllers
    JCD Series 1/4 DIN Limit Controller
    JCS Series 1/16 DIN Limit Controller
    DIN Rail Mounting Type Limit Controller
Programmable Controllers
    PC-900 Programmable Controller
    PCD-300 Programmable Controller
    OMR-100 Programmer
    100 mm Hybrid Recorder HR-700 Series
    Hybrid Recorder RM18L Series
Portable Instruments
    Portable Thermometer/Hygrometer
    Infrared Thermometer with White LED Light
    (Thermo Light)
    Infrared Thermometer/Thermocouple
    (Thermo Twin)
    Temperature Calibrator Shinko T5014
Signal Converters
    Programmable Signal Conditioner Shinko SA Series
    Signal Conditioner Shinko SB Series

Dual Input Controllers
Power Controllers
Replacement Controllers
Digital Indicators
Solid State Relays

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